Food Insecurity and Accessibility in San Diego

A critical look into the community garden movement as a subset of the community supported agriculture movement and how it plays out on college campuses and in downtown San Diego.


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Guangyu Ji - project

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Seed & plant swap at the Tijuana River Valley Community Garden!

Great Event: Satruday, April 4th,  seed & plant swap at the Tijuana River Valley Community Garden!

Time/Date: 10:00am - 12pm, Saturday, April 4, 2015
Location: 2100 Hollister Street, San Diego, CA 92154

Bring: A (vegetarian preferred) dish to share at the potluck and seeds/plants of your choice to exchange with fellow growing enthusiasts!

To learn more contact the San Diego Community Garden Network ( 

Farmers' Markets: Creating Engagement with Communities of Color

Farmer’s Markets and other healthy food alternatives are often coded and normalized as “White” foods, with an underlying aim to categorize ethnic foods as other, and inherently unhealthy and bad for the consumers.

Gardens on Campus


I have researched about composting at three gardens on campus such as Marshall, Ellie, and Roger's gardens. In this research, I found that gardens on campus produce their own compost and use it to their gardens.

Food Justice: Personal Responsibility and Obesity

Globesity: Personal Responsibity vs. Corporate Liability and Governmentality.

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Food Hubs: Food Justice for Southeast San Diego

Southeast San Diego represents a growing disparity in the food justice movement in terms of access. There are disproportionately more liquor stores than there are grocery stores, or places to get fresh, healthy, and affordable produce.

Curbside Compost Pickup and Public Awareness in San Diego

San Diego has some serious waste reduction goals on the horizon. In order for the city to meet these goals the public will need to be made more aware of the situation and educated on possible solutions.


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