Urban Food Story Assignment. Due April 20, 2015 (hand in during the beginning of class). Also on class web site at:

The urban food story assignment aims to get you thinking about a topic for your final multimedia research project. The urban food story assignment should also get you thinking about the content you’ll need to know for the midterm exam (e.g., the meaning of food justice and related issues). Weave the concept of food justice and one or more other key terms we have been covering in class (e.g., food desert, food disparities, urban agriculture) into your interview. Prepare an interview guide ahead of time will help you get the most out of your interview.

Consider talking to a journalist that covers the urban food movement, a farmer, a community organizer, a friend or family member, a videographer, filmmaker, restaurant owner, food distributor?  Agyeman, in his call for urban food stories suggests that you seek out people who have not had the chance to get their voices heard --folks involved with food around issues of poverty, cultural heritage, community engagement.