Classroom Module

Write a short story based on an interview associated with your AB 551 urban agriculture site suitability analysis (4-6 pages, double spaced). Interviews can be conducted with partners or as a group, but writing must be done individually.

For details about AB 551, see:
Havens, Erin and Antonio Roman Alcalá. 2016. Land for Food Justice? AB 551 and Structural Change (Land and Sovereignty Policy Brief #8, Summer 2016). Oakland, CA: Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy.

Due date has been changed to TUESDAY MAY 10th. Assignments must be handed in at the start of class. Please make sure they are stapled, double spaced, and have your name on each page.

Learning Objectives

  •  Gain an understanding someone’s point of view regarding urban agriculture linked in some way to the vacant lot you selected.
  • Sharpen your writing skills by recording, in 4-6 pages, what you learned from the person you interviewed in a context related to food justice.



As an individual or as a group, conduct an in-depth interview with someone related to one of the vacant lots you deem to be a good site for urban agriculture. Be sure to ask the person you interview for their consent (i.e., get their permission to be part of your investigation and have them sign a consent form). With their permission, you may want to audio or video record the interview.  You can be creative in writing your text: it could be in the form of an academic essay or story.  See pdf "nterview prompts and suggestions" and pdf "call for stories" for more details.