Each student in the Food Justice class  will develop and deliver their own project based on one or more research themes.

‘Fair Trade’ - Why only 55% of citizens understand the meaning, and how we can change

eople are always trying to do the right thing.  Fair trade coffee, chocolate, fruits, and other goods taste exactly the same as non- fair trade items and have a social benefit component that is easy to get on board with.

92110 - A Green Place

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Addicted to Plastic: The Detriments of Reliance on the Plastic Bag

This project communicates the research behind the plastic bag ban proposed in California. Current research on single-use plastic bags suggests that their ubiquity and current rate of use creates a problem for animals, who mistake them for food and die, unable to ingest them.


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This is my poster, in case the video does not want to play, the link to it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dLcwKVnrMU&feature=youtu.be

Barriers & Bridges

The project consists of personal investigations as well as eight interviews.
The interviewees include:

Barriers to Change: Composting Toilets in the Urban Context

Considering the current drought, composting toilets are likely to be part of the future for urban waste management. Not only does this technology conserve the earth's resources but it can also strengthen local food systems as the health of the soil in urban environments can be restored. Compostin

Cathy Park - Food Justice and Education

Promoting Rootedness of Educational Institutions Through Urban Agriculture

Colony Collapse Disorder

    This video summarizes my research into Colony Collapse Disorder and its relation to global warming. By analyzing a study conducted at the University of Ottawa, I was able to observe how global warming has altered the climate that the bees rely on, causing their habitable zone to shrink.

Combating the injustice of unequal food distribution and consumption

In an effort to combat the injustice of unequal food distribution and consumption, we strove to find a suitable land for a potential food garden in the neighborhood of Barrio Logan.

Creating Healthy Food and Healthy People in Mountain View of Southeastern San Diego

We hope to teach the Mountain View community of Southeastern San Diego about food justice and alternative food systems through building community gardens in vacant lots in their neighborhoods.

Creating Healthy Food and Healthy People in Mountain View of Southeastern San Diego

We hope to help educate the community of Mountain View about food justice and alternative food systems through building a community gardens in vacant lots.

Creating the Urban Jungle

San Diego is beautiful, but have we ever thought about the trees? Learn why trees are so important to residents, business owners and visitors to the City of San Diego.

Curbside Compost Pickup and Public Awareness in San Diego

San Diego has some serious waste reduction goals on the horizon. In order for the city to meet these goals the public will need to be made more aware of the situation and educated on possible solutions.


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Farmers' Markets: Creating Engagement with Communities of Color

Farmer’s Markets and other healthy food alternatives are often coded and normalized as “White” foods, with an underlying aim to categorize ethnic foods as other, and inherently unhealthy and bad for the consumers.


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Food Hubs: Food Justice for Southeast San Diego

Southeast San Diego represents a growing disparity in the food justice movement in terms of access. There are disproportionately more liquor stores than there are grocery stores, or places to get fresh, healthy, and affordable produce.

Food Insecurity and Accessibility in San Diego

A critical look into the community garden movement as a subset of the community supported agriculture movement and how it plays out on college campuses and in downtown San Diego.

Food Justice And The Kibbutz

     This is an experimental, motivational video displaying the cultural "style" of Israeli food.

Food Justice project

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Food Justice Video Group 3

This video project discusses what to look for in a good plot of land for a community garden. We take the audience along our journey to Golden Heights San Diego to assess 3 different plots of land. 

Food Justice: Personal Responsibility and Obesity

Globesity: Personal Responsibity vs. Corporate Liability and Governmentality.

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Food Waste

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Gardens on Campus


I have researched about composting at three gardens on campus such as Marshall, Ellie, and Roger's gardens. In this research, I found that gardens on campus produce their own compost and use it to their gardens.

Going Back to Our Roots

"Gardening with Papa Roo" is my attempt on learning the basics of gardening. A lot of people (myself included) have always viewed gardening as a tedius chore that takes a lot of time and does not have a lot of rewards.

Golden Hill Project--COMM 114J

Our group observed a vacant lot at Goldehill, 2852 C st and we interviewed two people--Ted and Ahsley about their opinions of the vacant lot.

Green Club-Golden Hill community garden

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Group member is Qidi Ju/ Ruixuan Zhang/Wenya Wang

Guangyu Ji - project

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Health and Eating Habits of Youth in the U.S.

I'm interested in the health and food consumption of children and adolescents in the U.S. and how their eating habits are directly influenced by popular culture, marketing, and their socioeconomic status.


This is a research project about GMOs in the United States. The research paper explores the main advantages and disadvantages of GMOs. Most imporantly, it points out the importantce of GMO labeling in the United States.


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Increasing obesity rate among adolescents in Korea

Investigating in the increase obestiy rate among adolescents in Korea.

This study used newspaper, and statisitcal database to find out  

the increase pattern in obeseity rate, and social factors that affecting obeseity. 



This video is an interview given to a local coffee shop owner on Market Street near one of the local community gardens and also near some of the potential community gardens we (group 8) have reviewed.


This project develops and conceptualizes the importance of Food Justice. Food Justice represents the accessibility to healthy food dependent on class, race, or region. The amount of food injustices found across the country is appalling.


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jspencer: Steps to a Better Future in Golden Hill

Golden Hill is a small community in the San Diego area that seems to be lacking a few vital necessities, such as accessible grocery stores, farmer's markets, and fresh fruit and produce. This is called a food desert.