Project Abstract

     This is an experimental, motivational video displaying the cultural "style" of Israeli food. It is a preview of what a family from Israel today looks like, and it displays my own family, both this generation, and the next, in a dynamic project that flows as naturally and improvisatory as it was to produce.  

Project Description

     I signed up for this class because I wanted to see if anyone else is as passionate about calling the average food products that are available to us what they are, absolute garbage. Let us really look at the slow food movement as the only movement. There is no other alternative, to think that fast food will eventually win, and become the standard is to lose hope in humanity. A future of consumables cultivated by the establishment, and delivered to us preserved and pre-packaged. No, thank you. 

Thinking Forward - Challenges & Solutions

Think Like A Kibbutz

   I challenge us all to think like a Kibbutznik,  to grow our own vegetables, to start something from nothing. Restart the entire tradition of eating, from the very soil you grow your essential fruits and vegetables. Do it,

Read up on what it takes

Google a Kibbutz 

Travel the World 

Eat the Food 




  There is no easy solution. We can read and learn, grow and change, slowly or rapidly, to make food options better for our future. 


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Reflective Essay


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