Project Abstract

"Gardening with Papa Roo" is my attempt on learning the basics of gardening. A lot of people (myself included) have always viewed gardening as a tedius chore that takes a lot of time and does not have a lot of rewards. My father taught me that it is the simple things in life that should be appreciated. I remember my excitement when my dad planted an orange tree in our yard and it sprouted its first blossoms. I never realized how happy and excited I could get from a small little flower. Gardening does take time, but you get so much in return. You become connected with our good earth, you get food for your table, and you can get closer to your family. I know my father used to be sad that his children would rather spend time on the computer than outdoors with him and I see this problem in a lot of people in my generation. We've lost touch with nature and gardening is an easy way to get back in touch. My father does not use harmful chemicals for his plants; he insists on trying to find the bugs by hand. He loves the idea of people working together to create a community garden, especially because it would be a great way for a community to become rooted together. 


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