Project Abstract

Investigating in the increase obestiy rate among adolescents in Korea.

This study used newspaper, and statisitcal database to find out  

the increase pattern in obeseity rate, and social factors that affecting obeseity. 


Project Description

Inverstigationg social factors that affecting obesity rate among adolescents in Korea

To find out social factors:

- reaseaching though online database

- personal experiencces

Social factors are mainly due to food dessert, lack of time to have proper meal, and low income.

Significance of Research

Interestingly, students are having limited/ no access to fresh food sources.

Studetns are more likely to have foods that can be eaten in fast rate.

Studetns are having such a busy schedule, where they only allowed around 10 miniutes to have meal. Most of a day, students are in private tution centers for studying. 

Low income class- social factor, that was not really influential as the others. 


This reasarch was trying to find out the social factors as well as the solution to sovle obesity problem. 

Thinking Forward - Challenges & Solutions

Problems in solution

A soultion- presented by one of government offical has certain limitations:

It requires heavy funding from government, that would led to lack of funding,

Lack of funding will make a soultion no afforable to low income class

Moreover, the soultion does not thouch on other problems, such as food dessert, and competition in education system.


The solution is basically draws out as:

Governemnt, school and corportations will work together to solve obesity.

IT industry will provide electronic devices, and school will provide data information.


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