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While conducting research about the bees I learned so much more about these tiny pollinators than I ever expected to. Of course I understood that bees were known for going from flower to flower and pollinating them as they went, but I never truly understood the gravity of their job and the way it affected me. When eating an apple, or almonds I never thought to myself, “wow, bees made this possible”, but after doing my research I now think twice about how my food got to my plate. When I discovered that Scientists had been warning the world of a potential colony collapse disorder for more than a decade, I became a bit disheartened as I wish I had known sooner and been able to do my part at an earlier time. Now after completing my project I think I have a much more optimistic view about what we can do to help stabilize bee populations. If I had more funding for this project I would have loved to do something hands on, for example visit a beekeeper, take great photographs, and focus more on the delivery and design of my research. I would have also liked to invest the money in better video design technology. Overall I had a great time conducting researching and being able to convey my message in an effective way. I think this project helped me understand that the medium is just as important as the message and that science and communication go hand in 


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