Project Abstract

The following video demonstrates the need for integrating the classroom curriculum in the fields of mathematics and science. It paints a portrait that math classes in isolation can be dull, lack motivation, and contain very little intuitive meaning behind the mathematics when omitting any reference to context or application. In parallel science classes in isolation can be highly theoretical and lack a description of trend analysis or data used to make inferences and conjectures in science. One solution to this problem is STEM integration, which combines the mathematics curriculum in conjunction with the science curriculum. One example of this type of curriculum would be a discussion of mathematical models of climate change which creates a synergy which motivates the mathematics through a real world science phenomenon. For an example of this curriculum see the poster "Mathematical Models and Climate Change: A Case for Integrated Curriculum".

*Given  more time and money, I would want to showcase an acutal STEM integrated classroom and show student engagment with the material. I would also interview several teachers and students on their experiences within a STEM integrated classroom. 


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STEM Integration


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