Project Abstract

According tot he undergraduate reseacrh survey condicuted in 2012 and 2014, about 25% of UC students report having skipped meals in order to save money. This finding was indicative of a food insecurity issue on campus, and I was interested in learning how deep this food insecurity issue wan. I surveyed UCSD students, and found that about 45% of them reported choosing not to but fruits and vegetables in order to save money. This was a surprisingly large number, so I felt compelled to find a solution for students who felt that they were not able to access affordable fruits and veggies. The campus community gardens seemed a logical place to start as a resource for these students, so I spoke with Steven, an ERC garden co-chair, about how they can serve these students.

Significance of Research

This multimedia research project could help students realize the resources they have access to on campus, and brings attention to the food insecurity issue that exists at UCSD


It is my hope that the video and poster will be clear and informative in educating students about what they can gain from the Triton Food Pantry and the various community gardens on campus.

Major Findings and Contributions

- 45% of students I surveyed reported having decided not to buy fruits or vegetables in order to save money

- UCSD students are only reporting consuming an average of 2.4 fruits and vegetables each day, which is much lower than the 3.1 servings of fruits and vegetables consumed by the average adult Californian

- 98% of the studets I surveyed reported eating less than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, the amount recommended by the CDC

- 65% of students I surveyed said they would be interested in volunteering at community gardens in return for access to free fruits and vegetables



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