Project Abstract

We are living in a time where sustainability has been a topic of conversation. Social justice, Economic justice, and now Food Justice has been a common term in today's world. When faced with issues of food security, food deserts, and unjust labor inequality--there needs to be a demand for action. Food Deserts are increasingly plentiful and are mainly found in communities of race, poverty, and troubled. The awareness and community engagement programs of our youth and leaders need to be established in order to regain what our democracy stands for. Taking back the responsibility of agrictulture and regulations will ensure the future generations confidence that we can have our basic needs met without depending on food that we barely know anything about. Spread the awareness and find out all the resources you need to start your own garden within our websites resources.

Project Description

Our project is based on presenting informataion to communities and college students based on Food Justice and the possibility of enabling an act of community within our Urban landscapes by spreading information on why chronic obese occurs and what kinds of disparities communities are facing because of these discourses. Our project informs through a video of what food deserts are and a poster on how to be active within the Food Justice movement.


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Food Justice, Urban Agriculture, Community Garden, Activist, Food Desert, Bio-regionalism, Rootedness, Will Allen, Growing Power, Culture, Growth, Social Impact

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