Each student in the Food Justice class  will develop and deliver their own project based on one or more research themes.


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Maintaining the Aquifers

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nick Alexander- Video

We created a video that would help highlight some of the issues in South Eastern San Diego as well as shed some light on food related issues and how this class pertains to reall life situations. 

Organic Farming - Jonathan Lotz

In this video, the value of organic farming techniques is examined through a lens not usually discussed. Not only is the physiological and environmental value of organically farmed food put into the spotlight, but also the consumerist values that such a purchase conveys.

Palm Oil Conflcit

This project examines the palm oil conflict. Palm Oil is an ubiqutious ingredient in the marketplace found in many consumer products from processed foods to shampoos.

Peter Lee

Food Justice seek to ensure that the benefits and risks of where, what and how food is grown, produced, transported, distributed, accessed and eaten are shared fairly. But can justice be only brought to food before it is used, consumed, or wasted? How about after as waste? Why not?


Petroleum Abuse

Petroleum abuse is destroying our environment, it is crucial to understand how this is so.


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While conducting research about the bees I learned so much more about these tiny pollinators than I ever expected to.


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Pushing for "Green Machines" in the Urban Design of Los Angeles

This project is committed to promoting the benefits of the carbon sequestration performed by trees that behave like air filters and air conditioning systems at the same time.


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This video takes you through the food injsutices in San Diego and the vacant plots of land that could be transformed into community gardens. The concluding segment of the video shows fresh fruits and vegetables and grocery stores supporting community agriculuture and local farmers.


In its simplest terms, our project goal was to find the most suitable space within our given plots of land for a truly viable spot for a community garden.

Slow Life, Fast Life; "Disciplined" Narratives in the Slow Food Manifesto

This project examines the Slow Food Manifesto for the ideas most salient and fundamental to the alternative food movement.

South Park Food Justice

Upon further observation of two very different areas of San Diego County, I have found that food injustice is a real and harmful thing. This video explores the stark differences between a food forest and a food desert. 

Stem Integration: Math and Science Curriculum

The following video demonstrates the need for integrating the classroom curriculum in the fields of mathematics and science.

Student Access to Fruits and Vegetables

According tot he undergraduate reseacrh survey condicuted in 2012 and 2014, about 25% of UC students report having skipped meals in order to save money. This finding was indicative of a food insecurity issue on campus, and I was interested in learning how deep this food insecurity issue wan.

Surrounded by Food Deserts

We are living in a time where sustainability has been a topic of conversation. Social justice, Economic justice, and now Food Justice has been a common term in today's world.

The Effects of College Culture Aiding Fast Food

Due to America’s obsession with value and convenience fast food has become a staple of our economy and culture. College students have some of the poorest dietary behaviors compared to any other population and they are specifically targeted by fast food companies.

The Epidemiology of Soul Food

Food justice is sharing food fairly. The purpose of this research project is to measure "race, class and the sustainability" of soul food.

The School Garden Project

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Too Good to Waste: The Growing Problem Within Our Food System

All food has value, at every step of its lifecycle. And, even when it is past edibility, food scraps can feed microorganisms that turn into compost, recapturing the nutrients that feed plants.

Urban Agriculture and Food Disparities

Critically analyze and evaluate urban agriculture (including community gardens, urban farms, food forests, aquaculture, and animal husbandry) in low income and under-served neighborhoods. Contribute to sustainability science and bioregional theory.

Urban Agriculture: Education & Community

We examined vacant lots in the Southcrest and Logan Heights area of San Diego, hoping to find one fit to become a community garden.