Stem Integration: Math and Science Curriculum

The following video demonstrates the need for integrating the classroom curriculum in the fields of mathematics and science.


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Food Justice And The Kibbutz

     This is an experimental, motivational video displaying the cultural "style" of Israeli food.

Food Justice: Personal Responsibility and Obesity

Globesity: Personal Responsibity vs. Corporate Liability and Governmentality.

Rough Draft. Visuals being finalized.




Food Justice in Comparative Perspective


Allen (2012) The Good Food Revolution. Read the whole book this week, its a fast read in story telling format. This will fire up your imagination for your first assignment (writing an Urban Food Story). We will discuss it during week 3.

Alkon and Agyeman (2011) Chap. 14 by Eric Holt-Gimenez. "Food Security, Food Justice, or Food Sovereignty?: Crises, Food Movements and Regime Change."  (pp. 309-330).


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