Food Insecurity and Accessibility in San Diego

A critical look into the community garden movement as a subset of the community supported agriculture movement and how it plays out on college campuses and in downtown San Diego.


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Barriers to Change: Composting Toilets in the Urban Context

Considering the current drought, composting toilets are likely to be part of the future for urban waste management. Not only does this technology conserve the earth's resources but it can also strengthen local food systems as the health of the soil in urban environments can be restored. Compostin

The Epidemiology of Soul Food

Food justice is sharing food fairly. The purpose of this research project is to measure "race, class and the sustainability" of soul food.

Seed & plant swap at the Tijuana River Valley Community Garden!

Great Event: Satruday, April 4th,  seed & plant swap at the Tijuana River Valley Community Garden!

Time/Date: 10:00am - 12pm, Saturday, April 4, 2015
Location: 2100 Hollister Street, San Diego, CA 92154

Bring: A (vegetarian preferred) dish to share at the potluck and seeds/plants of your choice to exchange with fellow growing enthusiasts!

To learn more contact the San Diego Community Garden Network ( 

Increasing obesity rate among adolescents in Korea

Investigating in the increase obestiy rate among adolescents in Korea.

This study used newspaper, and statisitcal database to find out  

the increase pattern in obeseity rate, and social factors that affecting obeseity. 


Food Justice: Personal Responsibility and Obesity

Globesity: Personal Responsibity vs. Corporate Liability and Governmentality.

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“The Costliness of Brokeness"

How can broke people improve their financial and nutritional consumption by exploring more disciplined means of staying alive inside of a food desert environment?


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