Jaclyn Mandoske

School Year

Master of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

What are you most curious about with respect to science?

Understanding how people use science every day to ask questions and adapt to the changing world around us. Making the concepts and ideas of science more transparent and accessible so that the public can be better equipped to critically look at science and make better decisions that benefit society as a whole.

What scientific problem concerns you most?

The misinformation that perpetuates about science, the idea that science is only a field for academics, when in fact science is useful and necessary for everyone. I am concerned about the different framing of social, political and environmental issues and being able to approach these issues more critically and logically.

What positive trend, initiative or project involving science most inspires you?

The rise in the younger generation scientists feeling empowered to share their science and understanding the necessity and importance of an informed, engaged society.