Nicole Heller

School Year

Reducing Disposable Plastics

What are you most curious about with respect to science?

Coming from a Communication background focusing in visual culture and theories of representation I am passionate about presenting media, projects, work, and education in a new light. The way we are socially conditioned to see limits our perspective to a linear view. Due to this limited perspective on life we as a species focus on our personal problems, goals, and challenges before those beyond our easy grasp. For this reason my curiosity with science lies within the approach we take on major issues such as climate change to evoke the highest amount of participation. By approaching to our empathy and understanding how these issues affect individuals life directly tend to spark change faster than ordinary distribution methods that are scientifically interacting and is lacking the intense emotional evoking feelings around these issue. Therefore, I am excited to see the delivery of important science information improve and get many individuals to participate in making a positive impact.

What scientific problem concerns you most?

There are many concerning scientific issues, but personally I believe our human plastic pollution is the most troubling. It is a problem each of us has a capability to better, yet our current consumption habits and lifestyles are ignorantly abusing our use of disposable plastics.

What positive trend, initiative or project involving science most inspires you?

The trend of switching to reusable grocery bags and water bottles, and reducing the amount of food packaging you use is the most inspiring to me currently. It is a simply lifestyle adjustment and greatly reduces your toxic footprint.